Talbot Award
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Commemorating Richard (Dick) Talbot P.Eng.

Richard (Dick) Talbot believed strongly in professionalism in engineering, and was a strong supporter of the Victoria chapters of the EIC and the CSCE. He was also a mentor to many of our present members.

In recognition of his lifetime dedication to APEGBC and other technical and community societies, the APEGBC presented him with the 1995 Professional Service Award. Sadly, Dick died of cancer at a relatively young age in the summer of 1995, just before he was to be presented with this award. The award was presented posthumously to his wife Chrissie.

The Talbot Memorial Fund Award

The original mandate of the Talbot Memorial Fund is to honour his contribution in perpetuity, by making an award available yearly to an appropriate University of Victoria Engineering student. Moreover, since 2007 there has been sufficient fund to give two awards per years.

The Award is valued at $750 and is based on a combination of factors including Community Activities, Academic Achievement and a Student Statement as outlined on the application form.

Information and Application Form

2015 Award Event and Recipients

  •  Sarah Douglas, Biomedical Engineering, 3rd year
     Michael Hladky, Mechanical Engineering, 4th year

                      Award Ceremony, from left to right:
            Poman So (APEGBC Victoria Branch Vice Chair),
            Pamela Schmitt (APEGBC Victoria Branch Chair),
       Michael Hladky, Sarah Douglas (Talbot Award Winners), and
                 Jo Ann, Fiona, Cathy, (the Talbot family)

                Award Dinner, counter-clockwise from top:
Pamela Schmitt (APEGBC Victoria Branch Chair), Peter Sparanese (Speaker),
        Dale Puskas (APEGBC Victoria Branch Secretary), and
                Eric Pettit (APEGBC Branch Treasurer)

                           Sooke Lake Reservoir Presentation
    2015 marks the 100  year anniversary of the Sooke Lake Reservoir and the
Greater Victoria Water Supply. This presentation reviewed the history of the
Sooke Lake Reservoir and its construction through historic photos and examine
how the reservoir has impacted the communities within the Capital Regional
District since its construction.

Presenter: Peter Sparanese,  P.Eng., the Senior Manager of CRD Integrated
Water Services, Infrastructure Engineering & Operations.

Past Award Recipients

  •  2015 – Sarah Douglas, Biomedical Engineering, 3rd year
                  Michael Hladky, Mechanical Engineering, 4th year
  •  2014 – Simon Diemert, Software Engineering, 4th year
                  Simon Moffatt, Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year
  •  2013 – Jason Deglint, Electrical Engineering, 4th year
                  Kirsten Dohmeier, Electrical Engineering, 4th year
  •  2012 – Geoffrey Burton, Mechanical Engineering, 4th year
                  Brendan Elvis Morgan, Electrical Engineering, 4th year 
  •  2011 – Jason Paul Jubinville, Electrical Engineering, 3rd year
                  Scott McKelvey, Electrical Engineering, 4th year (Transfer Program) 
  •  2010 – Robert Bellrose, Electrical Engineering, 4th year
                  Mark Frederick Messmer, Electrical Engineering, 3rd year (Transfer Program)
  •  2009 – Pamela Ruth Schmitt, Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year
                  Joshua Zotzman, Electrical Engineering, 3rd year (Transfer Program)
  •  2008 – Craig Bakker, Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year
                   Irvin Naidu, Electrical Engineering, 4th year (Transfer Program)
  •  2007 – Jason Heinrich, Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year
                  Steve Gillan, Electrical Engineering, 4th year (Transfer Program)
  •  2006 – Jason Wei, Computer Engineering, 4th year
  •  2005 – Robert Prinz, Electrical Engineering, 4th year
  •  2004 – Magnus Charles McElroy, Electrical Engineering, 4th year
  •  2003 – Thomas Owen, Mechanical Engineering, 4th year