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Diakoptics Solution Techniques for Electromagnetic Fields in Time and Frequency Domain

Mario Righi, University of Victoria, December 1995.

Development and Characterization of Generalized TLM Networks for Electromagnetic Modeling

Qi Zhang, University of Victoria, March 1996.

Design of Complex Electromagnetic Structures with TLM - Theory and Practice

Poman So, University of Victoria, June 1996.

Modeling of General Medium Constitutive Relationships in the Transmission Line Matrix Method (TLM)

Leonardo de Menezes, University of Victoria, September 1996.

Modeling of Nonlinear and Passive Devices in Three-Dimensional TLM Networks

Lucia Cascio, University of Victoria, 1998.

Modeling of Fine Geometric Details and Singular Field Regions in TLM

Giampaolo Tardioli, University of Victoria, 1998.

A Time-Domain Haar-Wavelet-Based Multiresolution Technique for Electromagnetic Field Analysis

Masafumi Fujii, University of Victoria, June 1999.



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