Computational Electromagnetics Research Laboratory

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Previous Members

  • Ms. Yingying Lu
  • Ms. Farzaneh Afshinmanesh
  • Mr. Alireza Marandi
  • Dr. Huilian Du
  • Mr. Steven Gillian
  • Dr. Hong-Son Chu
  • Dr. Hongnian Wang
  • Ms. Aurelie Sallier
  • Dr. Ana Grande
  • Dr. Mohamed Bakr
  • Dr. Masafumi Fujii
  • Dr. Enqui Hu
  • Ms. Wei Liu
  • Mr. Jong Park
  • Dr. Lucia Cascio
  • Dr. Leonardo R.A.X de Menezes
  • Dr. Channabasappa Eswarappa
  • Dr. Jonathan L. Herring
  • Dr. Mario Righi
  • Dr. Giampaolo Tardioli
  • Dr. Qi Zhang
  • Admin. Support Ms. Sherri Cole


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Computational Electromagnetic Research Laboratory
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