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There are many electromagnetic field simulation packages freely available on the internet; some of these popular websites are ACES, MIT_MEEP, OpenGEMS, Yatpac and WJRH.

CERL has recently released a 3D-TLM simulator and its X-Windows based GUI front end. The simulator package can be compiled easily with a C++ enabled Netbeans environment.  To run the simulator under Microsoft Windows, you need Cygwin/X as well.

CERL is developing a completely new electromagnetic field simulation package. Our vision is to create an object-oriented framework that encapsulates the essence of time-domain electromagnetic field simulation algorithms. Specialized time-domain EM simulation procedures can be derived from the base class objects via inheritance and polymorphism. The software will be made available to the public as soon as a beta version is available. Releasing the source code with an open-source license with no strings attached will benefit the CEM industry and academia, a win-win situation for the engineering electromagnetics community.

Accelerated TLM Algorithms on NVIDIA GPU


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